The kid is still a newborn month


The kid is still a newborn month

September 5, 2013 | Treatment folk remedies

In a separate phase of infants baby doctors have identified the first month of life of the newborn. This period is called – “the neonatal period.” Adjusting to a new life, a child is at this time a full-fledged member of your family. Getting every day a different and new experience communicating with the outside world until just by crying, your baby, however, is already able at this time to make it clear what he wants from you, and may even, in response to your actions bestow you with a smile.
Coordination in the movements he has not yet, he can move the arms and legs but quite chaotic. The kid has not yet drawn to subjects that fall within his field of vision, but can briefly detain a look at the most prominent and visible things. When shopping for toys this must be taken into account, trying to choose a variety of toys in size and shape and bright as possible. Try to show more toys that most interested him, not only static, but moving slowly.
The first kind of independent activity of your child – it’s a simple viewing of an object or toy, and the most joyous achievement to be the first conscious parents smile in response to your appeal.
In parallel with the development of visual attention, a baby begins to listen to the voices of others. You can not notice it right away, but if you look closely, you can see how a child dies at the sound of someone’s voice, or the noise rattles. At this time, the baby should be protected from excessive and sudden loud noises that might frighten the child and call him crying. It should be as often as possible to talk to your baby calm gentle voice, it pleases him, and quickly calms.
By the end of the first month of the baby is already trying to keep my head, but as it is for it is still hard, he is able to keep her no more than a minute. If put before feeding baby on his stomach and pat his back, he will make an effort to straighten up and lift his head. It does not matter what it is he is still not very good, because it will have in store for another month!

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