What does the word known to all – low back pain?


What does the word known to all – low back pain?

September 5, 2013 | Prevention of health

Osteochondrosis – another disease of the spine, which we have not yet told. Osteochondrosis – this is the structural changes of cartilage degeneration of the vertebrae, processes, intervertebral discs, as well as small sustavchikov – that is all that is in the spine at the site of injury (in the figure show the places 1,2,3). They change their size, stratified, deformed, reduced dampening properties spine, and in consequence can arise intervertebral disc protrusion and hernia. Osteochondrosis accompanied by pinching spinal roots and nerves, as well as severe pain.


Osteochondrosis is cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral, accompanied by a crunching in these places, lumbago, pain. With cervical osteochondrosis there are headaches, numbness in the hands, during breast – pain in the thoracic spine, increasing during exercise, with lumbar pain is given in the leg.
The causes of osteoarthritis are not enough – and this is a metabolic disorder and a genetic predisposition, and spinal cord injury, severe overload or changes in the blood and lymph flow, and may also occur because of poor physical development of the back muscles. Osteochondrosis may develop over the years, and may be due to one-time physical activity with sharp movements and lifting heavy loads.
Consult your doctor to begin treatment, you must immediately after the onset of pain, as the long-term development of the disease without treatment leads to more serious consequences, such as curvature of the spine. In addition to the severe pain in osteochondrosis can be felt chilly (neurovascular disorders), poor mobility of the shoulder girdle muscles, swelling of the hands and feet, skin discoloration.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease should be comprehensive, and it medication to block pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as proof-of metabolism of cartilage and bone. Besides dosage forms can be used and non-drug treatments – Jacuzzi to relax the muscles, for example. Therapeutic exercise, swimming, massage therapy and acupuncture, all of this also allows for enhanced blood circulation and recover faster spine.

The patient will have to change some habits and – learn to properly distribute your weight in a standing position, frequently change posture, the correct selection of the chair and sit on it evenly. Sleeper also has to be right – tough enough and well take the form of a human body. It is possible that the need to purchase an orthopedic mattress by a physician (as defined stiffness, depending on the patient’s weight).

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