Of contraception women get fat and they rostut mustache! The horror! Or maybe it is not so?


Of contraception women get fat and they rostut mustache! The horror! Or maybe it is not so?

September 5, 2013 | Health news

Myth 1. From tablets get better!

COC (combined oral contraceptive) – the most popular after the condom contraceptive. But with the COCs associated with many myths, one of which is that chronic administration of birth control pills necessarily gaining weight.

This opinion of the COC took place 7-8 years ago, when they contained high levels of the hormone: it contributed to water retention in the body, from what and get better. But today, the pharmaceutical market is full of low-dose hormonal methods that are equally effective, but they do not get better. So it all depends on the type of hormone pills.
Myth 2. From COC grow a mustache and beard.

In fact, in this case confused with hormonal contraceptive drugs that have androgenic effect, after taking part that really manifested male characteristics – excessive body hair. Drugs with androgenic effect is used for the treatment of hormone-dependent cancers, when at stake is the life of the patient. These hormones have nothing to contraceptives. Moreover, some of COCs have anti-androgenic effect, and are even used in the treatment of hirsutism, polycystic ovary syndrome, acne.
Myth 3. After receiving contraceptives can not get pregnant.

After the cessation of COC ability to get pregnant is usually recovered in the first month. On the contrary, there has been vigorous activity own hormones, which serves as a kind of COCs cancellation jerk, and a woman has a perfect time to get pregnant. This trick is sometimes used by doctors, prescribing COCs with curative intent patients who have had a difficulty in conceiving.

To say that you can not get pregnant after a COC is relevant only in the case where there was their long-term use – 4-5 years. So be sure to take breaks: do not take oral contraceptives for more than 1.5-2 years, and pause for 6 months. I draw your attention to the fact that the COC for the first month does not guarantee absolute protection, as the body gradually rebuilt. So in this period must use additional means of protection, such as condoms. The very process of COC requires regularity – you can not miss the reception and 1-2 tablets to be sure that the effectiveness of the means it will not change. The contraceptive effect by the day!
Myth 4. COCs from reduced libido

Indeed, decreased libido – one of the side effects of COCs. But gynecologists argue that this is a temporary phenomenon, and is extremely rare. This is due to the fact that a woman’s body is adapted to receive the contraceptive pill, and loss of libido can be observed only in the first few months.
Myth 5. Birth control pills protect against sexually transmitted diseases

COCs are solely the hormones of the woman, but they are not designed to protect it against infection. Birth control pills are completely powerless against HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases through. So COCs justified only if the partners are living together for a long time, trust each other and feel perfectly healthy. If a woman is sexually active lives and often change partners, the best method of contraception in this case – the condom.
Myth 6. From COC born twins

Myth ridiculous – and yet it is only a myth! There is no scientific information and statistics that COCs can actually cause the birth of twins.

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