Recommendations from Richard Branson


Recommendations from Richard Branson

September 5, 2013 | Diet for Diabetes

Richard Branson has been successful in almost all endeavors. Branson has written several books and is a frequent speaker on TV and radio, and today he gives a few tips on how to conduct your own business, based on their experience.

1. If possible, work from home

“When I work, I do not like to waste time. On holidays I like to relax a bit and forget about business. But in the working period I work from home, without wasting time to go to the office and then another, and vice versa. I prefer to use as a workstation for a hammock or couch. ”

2. Locate the “proper time”

“I get up early in the morning – somewhere at 6.30. After that, I’m going to swim, play tennis or do some more sports. As I said, a big advantage for the job – work from home, do not waste time. Find the best time to work, and work more effectively. ”

3. Breaks during sessions

“In addition, full lunch – no need to use sandwiches as a snack – you dine full. I have lunch qualitatively, taking only a good meal. Also, I drink a lot of tea and coffee. ”

4. Try to be the first in their field

“If you’re trying to do what others consider impossible, calculated risks again, and if all is well, do it. Try to be the first in their field. Remember, people said that fly through the large ball, inflated with hot air. Nevertheless, we were able to do it, and now people fly into space. ”

5. Predictable risk, but do not be pessimistic

“In any case, we have to calculate the risks, assessing the reality of the case. However, do not be a pessimist, because if so, then you most likely will not work. ”

6. Do not be a workaholic

“My philosophy is simple – we live only once. Live so that you were pleased. It’s much more fun than work all my life, almost without rest. Also, do what you like. Just do it. ”

7. Develop a plan to achieve success

“This applies to all life, and each case in particular. One of the benefits of risk assessment – is that you will have several alternative points of the plan in case something goes wrong. Also, take a few people who know how to work, and properly distribute the responsibilities. ”

8. A small charge elegiruyte

“If you have the chance, hire a few people to perform routine tasks, such as making payments or answer the phone / e-mail”.

9. Spend time with your family

“It’s important to spend time with his family – this is especially true of children who are in need of your love. Open relationship – what you need to every family, it helps to avoid conflicts ”
It is possible that these tips will help some of you! So I’m not vain published this post!

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