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August 18, 2013 |

According to the practitioner Margaret McCartney, the use of eight glasses of fluid a day to prevent dehydration, and, conversely, a negative effect on the person who forces himself to drink more than he needs. The doctor said that so far no clear evidence of this fact was not. But even the experts of the National Health Service (NHS) advocate this theory.

On its website, NHS advises to drink 6-8 glasses of fluid a day, and many schools are trying to implement these recommendations, advising students to bring their own water. There are other organizations that are also strongly advised to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid daily. Typically, these organizations with preconceived interests, for example, Hydration for Health, created by French Danone – manufacturer of bottled waters including Volvic and Evian. Their statement to mean it looks really impressive to drink and drink, “even slight dehydration affects the development of various diseases.”

Dr. McCartney cited the example of several studies in which it was found out that there is no clear evidence of benefit from the use of such a quantity of water. And it is obviously of no solutions to the many health problems are not talking.

Not confirmed by research and the fact that the use of water children can improve their concentration and alertness. And the data showing that the overweight children who drink a lot of water, disperse.

To date, only in some cases it is useful to drink plenty. This applies to people who are suffering from kidney stones. In other cases, the prevention of disease in this way is doubtful.

Before you follow the advice to drink plenty of fluids, listen to your body: if he needed it?
My opinion – our body is the best guide – how much water we need to drink and when!


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