How dangerous blue smoke


How dangerous blue smoke

September 5, 2013 | Cleansing the body

In cigarette smoke over thousands of chemical compounds, at least 40 of which are fraught with the appearance of cancer. They are both in the mainstream smoke, smoking swallowed, and in the side streams, inhaled non-smokers.
Smoke is also a major source of allergenic substances. It causes coughing, tears, asthma attacks. The risk of various diseases (including lung cancer) exists not only for the smoker, but close to it.
When smoking tobacco is not burned completely. As a result, a person inhales the smoke potent poison in the form of carbon monoxide. This facilitates rapid development of MS.
The dosage of nicotine per cigarette, whether administered intravenously, lethal for human beings. Although a smoker absorbs only 10% of the amount, the damage is significant: Nicotine speeds up the heart rate, respiratory center and destroys the intestines.

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