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August 18, 2013 |

Stethoscope – a medical device that is used for listening to heart sounds, lung, intestine and identify them in the noise. It consists of three elements: the head (applied to the patient’s body), tubes (conductor of sound), tips (you can hear a noise).

Use a stethoscope at home quite difficult, but when you use it to follow simple and clear rules.

How do you use a stethoscope ?

Before using a stethoscope is clean it sinks, it is better to treat them prospirtovannymi tampons. This is not required each time, but could move recommended cleaning every 2 weeks.
Before the actual head by applying a stethoscope worth some time to warm up in the hands of the crown, this will help avoid discomfort for the patient as well as the head of the stethoscope is often cold.
Insert the tips of your ears.
Take the stethoscope head in one hand, the other tap on the head and listening to the sound, most modern stethoscope head-sided, it can not fully rotate and block sound.
Provide maximum contact with the patient’s skin, for that we should take the head between your index and middle fingers.
Avoid contact tubes stethoscope (serving twin-turbo) with clothing and other items side in order to minimize background noise.
The head of the stethoscope put to the place you want to listen to the noise. Listening to the heart rate cap should be placed about 5 inches above the left nipple. Thus, listened upper and lower tones heartbeat.
After using a stethoscope should be placed so that the tube does not bend, it is best to keep a stethoscope in limbo for a tip nicks.


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