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How dangerous blue smoke

September 5, 2013

In cigarette smoke over thousands of chemical compounds, at least 40 of which are fraught with the appearance of cancer. They are both in the mainstream smoke, smoking swallowed, and in the side streams, inhaled non-smokers. Smoke is also a major source of allergenic substances. It causes coughing, tears, asthma attacks. The risk of various diseases (including lung cancer) exists not only for the smoker, but close to it. When smoking tobacco is not burned completely. As a result, a person inhales the smoke potent poison in the form of carbon monoxide. This facilitates rapid development of MS. The dosage of nicotine per cigarette, whether administered intravenously, lethal for human beings. Although a smoker absorbs only 10% of the amount, […]

The kid is still a newborn month

September 5, 2013

In a separate phase of infants baby doctors have identified the first month of life of the newborn. This period is called – “the neonatal period.” Adjusting to a new life, a child is at this time a full-fledged member of your family. Getting every day a different and new experience communicating with the outside world until just by crying, your baby, however, is already able at this time to make it clear what he wants from you, and may even, in response to your actions bestow you with a smile. Coordination in the movements he has not yet, he can move the arms and legs but quite chaotic. The kid has not yet drawn to subjects that fall within […]

What does the word known to all – low back pain?

September 5, 2013

Osteochondrosis – another disease of the spine, which we have not yet told. Osteochondrosis – this is the structural changes of cartilage degeneration of the vertebrae, processes, intervertebral discs, as well as small sustavchikov – that is all that is in the spine at the site of injury (in the figure show the places 1,2,3). They change their size, stratified, deformed, reduced dampening properties spine, and in consequence can arise intervertebral disc protrusion and hernia. Osteochondrosis accompanied by pinching spinal roots and nerves, as well as severe pain. osteochondrosis Osteochondrosis is cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral, accompanied by a crunching in these places, lumbago, pain. With cervical osteochondrosis there are headaches, numbness in the hands, during breast – pain in the […]

Recommendations from Richard Branson

September 5, 2013

Richard Branson has been successful in almost all endeavors. Branson has written several books and is a frequent speaker on TV and radio, and today he gives a few tips on how to conduct your own business, based on their experience. 1. If possible, work from home “When I work, I do not like to waste time. On holidays I like to relax a bit and forget about business. But in the working period I work from home, without wasting time to go to the office and then another, and vice versa. I prefer to use as a workstation for a hammock or couch. ” 2. Locate the “proper time” “I get up early in the morning – somewhere at […]

Of contraception women get fat and they rostut mustache! The horror! Or maybe it is not so?

September 5, 2013

Myth 1. From tablets get better! COC (combined oral contraceptive) – the most popular after the condom contraceptive. But with the COCs associated with many myths, one of which is that chronic administration of birth control pills necessarily gaining weight. This opinion of the COC took place 7-8 years ago, when they contained high levels of the hormone: it contributed to water retention in the body, from what and get better. But today, the pharmaceutical market is full of low-dose hormonal methods that are equally effective, but they do not get better. So it all depends on the type of hormone pills. Myth 2. From COC grow a mustache and beard. In fact, in this case confused with hormonal contraceptive […]